We Need You.
Be part of something special…..

Giving to others and being involved in the community is a growing tradition in Australia. Both the older generation and our younger friends can benefit from becoming involved in volunteer work. One such area is the BlueWave Living Auxiliary.

BlueWave Living Auxiliary boasts a beautiful community spirit and sense of belonging by raising funds that will make a difference to the lives of BlueWave Living residents.

Through volunteering time and fundraising, their work directly benefits the residents.

Each member of the Auxiliary plays an integral part in helping to coordinate fundraising activities such as morning teas for Mothers Day and Fathers Day, raffles, stalls, barbecues and much more.

Some of the events offer delicious homemade sweet and savoury baked goods as well as craft items and activities.

The Auxiliary has raised thousands of dollars for BlueWave Living over the years and have purchased many items including; Christmas Trees, BBQs, a library cupboard, food and drinks for special occasions and cooking equipment that the residents can use.

The Auxiliary only has a few members left and faces closure if we are unable to get more members. The Auxiliary is a wonderful place for men and women and offers fellowship and fun.

You can donate as little or as much of your time that suits your life. Join in with social events and street stalls or put forward your ideas for fundraising activities. It’s up to you.

For more information contact Michelle Nicholas on 4344 2599 or email mnicholas@bluewaveliving.org.au