Visiting Hours

Dear Resident, Family and Friends,

I am writing to provide another update for BlueWave in relation to COVID-19. There have been some changes
to the relevant national guidelines and NSW legislation, coupled with low evidence of local community
transmission. As such, we are pleased to make further changes to our visitor policies and options. These
changes will commence from Monday 29th June.

Visiting hours will be from 10am to 4pm, 7 days a week. We are required to screen all visitors, so the entry
door will remain locked and reception will allow entry, then conduct the screening process. One point of entry
will remain in place for some time.

However visitors will no longer be required to book to visit loved ones in care, unless you are visiting someone
in a shared room – then we do recommend making a booking, as there are limited options to conduct visits in
private spaces.

Please note there is still a limit of no more than two visitors per resident at any one time. So please coordinate
this with your family/friends.

Visits must still occur in a residents private room (not in a shared room), or in a private space outside – as long
as there are no other residents in the immediate vicinity. Visitors are not to spend any time in common lounge
or dining areas, nor interact with other residents.

Visits will no longer have a time limit. Children are also now allowed to visit too – on the condition, they have
had the Flu Vaccination, as with all visitors. All visitors must provide evidence of the Flu Vaccination.
Visitors must maintain social distancing, including with the resident they are visiting. Please be patient at
reception, as we must ensure social distancing in that space as well with people coming and going.
There are some exceptions to the visitor rules above on compassionate grounds, which can be discussed with
the Care Management team.

As mentioned previously, we are establishing an electronic solution for the management/signing in of visitors,
which will help us ensure compliance around flu vaccinations records and screening questions, along with
temperature check records. Initially our reception team is managing this. Once we are comfortable with the
system, we will have tablets to allow visitors to self-log in and answer the screening questions.

Best wishes to all and continue to stay safe.

Yours sincerely,
Matt Downie