Update to Visiting during COVID-19

12th June, 2020

Dear Resident, Family and Friends,

I am writing to provide another update for BlueWave in relation to COVID-19. Given the low incidence of
community transmission based on Government numbers, we are pleased to make some changes to our visitor
policies and options.

We will offer more opportunities for visitors to see loved one’s, in their own private bedroom. This will be
available from Wednesday 17th June onwards. This will be limited to a maximum of two visitors at the same
time per resident, and a maximum of one visit per day. This is in line with current legislated requirements. In
order to manage this, we will allow a maximum of 20 visitors at any given time into the facility, and a maximum
of one hour visits (to be fair to all and give everyone a chance). Appointment times will be staggered to help
ensure we don’t have complications in our entry area with social distancing requirements.

These visits must be booked in advance, and are available during manned reception times between 9am and
3pm, seven days a week. We ask that social distancing practices are adhered to, and visits are to occur in the
resident’s room only. Visitors are not to spend time in communal spaces (living rooms/sitting rooms/dining
rooms), nor interact with other residents.

We will continue to also offer the ‘I See U visits’ – primarily for those who are in shared rooms. To book any
visit please email reception on email above.

All visitors must be screened, which includes provision of current flu vaccination details, temperature checking
and mandatory screening questions. Anyone who cannot provide current flu vaccination details cannot be
allowed into the facility.

We also continue to offer video calls via Skype and Face Time with our tablets. These calls must also be booked
via reception on the email above. Regular phone calls to residents are facilitated as well of course, and we
have invested in additional cordless handsets.

We are establishing an electronic solution for the management/signing in of visitors, which will help us ensure
compliance around flu vaccinations records and mandatory questions, along with temperature check records.
Initially this will be managed by our reception team, however within approximately a month we will have
tablets to allow visitors to self log in and answer the screening questions.

Best wishes to all and continue to stay safe.

Yours sincerely,
Matt Downie