Stage Two Works

6th June, 2024

Dear Residents, Family and Friends,

Our building works are about to get underway in earnest for Stage Two works. As part of the preparation for these works, the central linkway will be closed off for two days next week, to allow the builders to rebuild this link to facilitate access for the builders through to Stage Two works.

The central link will be closed Wednesday 12th June and Thursday 13th June. Access between our buildings will be via the Palm Sails link only during closures of the central link. Signage will be in place to assist all in travelling via the Palm Sails link.

Demolition works will then begin in earnest from Monday 17th June, and run for approximately 4 weeks. During this time, the central link will be closed at times to allow builders to bring equipment through and remove debris. Again, access will remain via the Palm Sails temporary link.

After the initial 4 weeks, the closure of the central link should be less frequent.

I would like to thank all in advance for their patience and understanding whilst we work through this next stage of works.

We continue to look forward to these works progressing, and ultimately delivering new spaces for our residents to enjoy and live in, here at BlueWave.

Yours sincerely,
Matt Downie