Spring Update.

Spring is back, and some lovely warmer weather and sunny days have enabled some lovely trips out into the community for our elders in care, which has been wonderful to see. Our elders in care also enjoyed a lovely outdoor concert, which you may have seen via our facebook page.

It has also enabled our building program to progress quite well this past month. The roof has now been installed on the Western end of the building, and the Eastern end is approaching lock up stage, with high level cladding now largely complete and windows and doors installed. There has also been some work undertaken in the central courtyards, and that will progress over the coming month.

The kitchen operations have now transitioned to The Shores central kitchen, whilst our main kitchen is completely re-built and extended. We are on track for those works to be completed by late November. On completion, our kitchen team will have a much larger and brand-new environment in which to prepare lovely meals for all.

In terms of looking ahead, the Eastern side of the build will continue to be sheeted inside, and then painting to commence before fit out work also begins. External brickwork will also be getting underway on the Eastern side. The western side is currently seeing the various trades rough in their services, which will continue over coming weeks.

A reminder that our building works will continue through to the end of the year, and likely now into early next year for Stage One works. It is the most significant stage; in that it establishes the foundations for four new household wings. Each household will have its own kitchen, dining, living areas, and accommodate approximately 16 residents in each household. However, the households are all linked and accessed via the central core of the Shores building.

Future stages will be focused on the refurbishment of existing rooms and spaces, along with building a new link between the Shores building and the BlueWave building.

We do appreciate these building works can be quite disruptive and appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as they continue. The result will be a wonderful new environment for all our elders to enjoy