Press Release – BlueWave Living Expansion Program

Press Release – BlueWave Living Expansion Program

BlueWave Living is commencing Stage One of a major extension and rebuild/refurbishment program, with a Soil Turning event occurring on Thu 10th March, 2022.

“Stage One will deliver us the foundations for Four new Households within our facility, and provide an additional 20 beds to BlueWave Living, “ Matt Downie, CEO said, “This first stage is a significant $12M investment for BlueWave, which will transform the built environment in which we care for our Elders Living here.”

“Each of the new Households will accommodate around 16 residents, and each household will have its own Domestic looking Kitchen (which residents can also access and use), Dining, Living spaces and courtyards.  It provides a more normalised home environment for our residents living here to enjoy.  Familiar spaces and familiar layouts to one’s own home has been well evidenced to provide a much better living experience in which we provide care for, and supports residents independence and choices.  It has also shown to assist in reducing behaviours for residents who might be suffering from Dementia or other cognitive impairments, by providing an environment which is familiar to them”

“BlueWave Living has always been very highly regarded in terms of our excellence in quality care, and our extensive activities program we run for our residents.  We are now moving towards best practice in terms of the built environment for our Elders living here.”

“Stage One is expected to be completed by the end of 2022, and we look forward to opening up the new spaces to our Residents here at BlueWave Living on completion.  Further stages are planned over the coming years.”


Joshua Sheather – Construction Manager North; Nicholas McMaster – Contracts Administrator, North; Lucy Wicks – MP; Cathy Allen – BlueWave Living Operations Manager; Kathy Murphy – BlueWave Living Executive Care Manager; John Frost – BlueWave Living Treasurer; Ross Pearse – BlueWave Living Chairman; David Hook – BlueWave Living Director; Matt Downie – BlueWave Living CEO; Paul Tonkin – BlueWave Living Director; Jared Savage – Contracts Administrator, North; Joel Price – Project Manager, North; Colin Delaforce – Site Foreman, North