A delicious spread of fruit, waffles and honey at BlueWave Living Dining

Dining at BlueWave

Food plays a powerful role in our lives and, in many ways, is at the centre of how we socialise and connect. As well as these deep social and cultural aspects, food also plays a critical role in improving nutrition, health and well-being.

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The Social Value

Joining fellow residents in the dining room at mealtimes gives our residents an opportunity to join together and socialise. It can be a time to chat about the day’s events, catch up on the latest news and reminisce about days gone by. By coming together at mealtimes, we create a warm and familiar community.

Familiar Favourites

We serve three main meals each day along with lighter options at morning tea, afternoon tea and supper.  We focus on providing old familiar favourites and prepare meals that are tasty, easy to eat and contain the right nutritional balance.

Specialty Food Events

In addition to our daily menu, our chefs and lifestyle team work together to present special food events for our residents throughout the year. For example, we may have a high tea for Mothers Day, a BBQ for Fathers Day and many theme days where we celebrate international cuisine.

Wonderful Food Experiences