From the 1st of July 2019, the Australian Government introduced a new and simpler Charter of Aged Care Rights. This replaces the current charter and will make it easier for aged care consumers, their families and carers to understand what they can expect from an aged care service provider.

The new Charter places the consumer at the centre of care by giving them choice and recognising their right to be treated with respect. It acknowledges that identity, culture and diversity are to be valued and supported. Consumer responsibilities have also been revised.

These changes will support aged care service providers, such as BlueWave Living in delivering care to consumers.

We are now required to assist consumers to understand the new Charter and invite them to sign it. This provides an important opportunity for providers and consumers to enter into a partnership.

Charter of Aged Care Rights

I have the right to:

  1. safe and high quality care and services;
  2. be treated with dignity and respect;
  3. have my identity, culture and diversity valued and supported;
  4. live without abuse and neglect;
  5. be informed about my care and services in a way I understand;
  6. access all information about myself, including information about my rights, care and services;
  7. have control over and make choices about my care, and personal and social life, including where the choices involve personal risk;
  8. have control over, and make decisions about, the personal aspects of my daily life, financial affairs and possessions;
  9. my independence;
  10. be listened to and understood;
  11. have a person of my choice, including an aged care advocate, support me or speak on my behalf;
  12. complain free from reprisal, and to have my complaints dealt with fairly and promptly;
  13. personal privacy and to have my personal information protected;
  14. exercise my rights without it adversely affecting the way I am treated.

Everybody involved in the delivery of your care must respect your rights.