Building Update 19th July 2022

Whilst the overall build program has been heavily impacted by rain delays, we are working with North
Construction to find ways to help catch up on the program. At this point, we are still hopeful of a completion of
these Stage One works prior to the end of this calendar year.

Despite on-going rain challenges, progress has continued on our building works. As some may have noticed,
framework has begun going up on the Eastern Side slab. We are hopeful that roofing will commence within the
week (weather permitting). This will allow works to continue even on rain days for much of the rest of the build
once a roof is in place.

On the Western side, the first stage of the Western Slab has been poured. Again, weather permitting, we are
hoping that the balance of the slab can be poured within a week. This will then allow the framework on the
western side to commence shortly thereafter.

At the rear of the main kitchen, all the initial external demolition and in-ground plumbing work has been
completed. Formwork for the slab for the extension will begin over the coming week, ready for slab pour within
two weeks.

Looking ahead, once the Western slab is fully established and cured, work will begin on landscaping the two
internal courtyards. These works are due to be completed prior to being ‘built out’ because of the extensions.
Once completed, these courtyards will become fully accessible to residents.

The coming few weeks will continue to see initial framing, then roofing established over both the Eastern and
Western ends. Services (Air Con/Electrial/Plumbing/Data) will also begin to be ‘roughed in’ over the coming
weeks once the roof is in place.

We continue to look forward to these works progressing, and ultimately delivering new spaces for our residents
to enjoy and live in, here at BlueWave.

Yours sincerely,
Matt Downie