Dear Residents, Family and Friends,

I am pleased to advise our long discussed Constructions Works/Expansion will be commencing in the coming
weeks. We have appointed a local commercial builder – North Construction, to undertake Stage One of these
works. Plans remain on display outside the staff room.

North Construction will begin some preliminary works from next week (w/c 21st Feb), with initial site
establishment. Construction works will begin in earnest in the weeks following – a detailed timeline is still being
resolved. Stage one works will run for approximately 12 months.

The majority of these works for Stage One involve new construction on both the East and West ends of The
Shores building, and new infrastructure and roads to the North of The Shores. As such, there will be no
vehicular access for general visitors/staff around the rear of The Shores for much of the build program for stage
one, and very limited pedestrian access. Residents, staff and visitors are to continue using BlueWave Living main
entry off Kathleen Street.

Our building program is an exciting next step in the evolution of BlueWave Living, and over time we will
transform the entire site around household models in all areas. The significant first step we are undertaking
over the next 12 months is the largest component of this change.

On completion of Stage One works, we will have the foundations of four ‘households’ within the existing ‘The
Shores’ building. Each of these households will each have its own Kitchen, Dining, Living areas and cater for
approximately 15 to 16 residents. However as Stage One does not include internal works, there will be future
stages that will be required to fully and completely transform these spaces.

There will also be works undertaken in rebuilding and expanding our main commercial kitchen as part of Stage
One. Whilst the bulk of these works are undertaken, we will be repurposing The Shores servery/kitchen area to
temporarily cook out of, along with utilising Palm Sails kitchen.

We look forward to these works progressing, and ultimately delivering new spaces for our residents to enjoy and
live in, here at BlueWave

Yours sincerely,
Matt Downie