12th April, 2022
Dear Residents, Family and Friends,

Our Building works program has progressed albeit hampered by the significant rains we have had of late. I
would like to apologise to any residents impacted by our water event last Friday (8th April). Unfortunately one of
the trade persons accidently damaged a ‘T junction’ of our fire sprinkler system in the roof space at The Shores,
which resulted in a large volume of water covering floor areas in the South West wing. This has all been cleaned
up and back to normal now, and a big thanks to all those who assisted on the Friday to minimise impact as much
as was possible.

As a look ahead for the next fortnight, we anticipate the following works to be undertaken;
Currently this week we are relocating the external Air Conditioning Units at the end of each of The Shores wings.
This does see trades having to work in the ceiling space, and work outside the ends of each of these wings. Air
Conditioning is also shut down for one day in each wing whilst these works are on-going.
Plumbers continue to work around the Eastern end installing new in-ground plumbing services – both sewer and

Civil works continues around the building on all sides over the next few weeks.

Internally, as the end corridor exit ways are being closed off due to the construction works, in the extremely
unlikely event of having to evacuate the building out one of the wing ends, exit paths will be via a nominated
bedroom at the end of each corridor. For compliance, we are upgrading the door strikes on the nominated
bedroom door to an electronic strike which will unlock in the event of a fire alarm being activated.

A little further down the track, and around late April, works will begin on the internal courtyard landscaping.
These areas will be completed quite early in the program before the spaces get built out and inaccessible.

We look forward to these works progressing, and ultimately delivering new spaces for our residents to enjoy and
live in, here at BlueWave.

Yours sincerely,

Matt Downie