Aged Care Workforce Retention Bonus

Since the Government announced the Aged Care Workforce Retention Bonus payment back in March, opinions have been divided. According to the guidelines, only workers who provide direct care are eligible to receive the payment.

This came as shock to the many hardworking staff who, although they do not provide ‘direct care’, they do deliver services that indirectly enhance the care and service given to our elderly residents. Those who have been excluded include staff from the laundry, cleaners, maintenance staff, reception and administration workers.  It even excludes some nursing staff if their role is predominately administrative in nature.

The CEO and Board of BlueWave Living have announced that they will be providing the bonus to all staff who are employed by BlueWave Living.  Although the cost of covering those excluded from the Federal Grant will be covered by the organisation itself, it is their belief that they all work together as a team, and everyone should receive recognition for their commitment and dedication during these challenging times.

Matt Downie, CEO of BlueWave Living said, “Hopefully this bonus will go some small way to helping all who work for us and your families. We very much appreciate all your efforts in keeping our Elders safe.  As do our Elders in care. I have had continued thanks from residents appreciating everything we are doing for them”.


More on the Aged Care Workforce Retention Bonus

This is a federal grant.  It is to be paid to those workers who provide direct care, as outlined in brief from the Health Department;

This payment is specifically to encourage direct care workers providing clinical care and personal care and allied health workers to remain employed in residential and home care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Aged Care workers who are eligible are:

  • Residential Aged Care – direct care workers in residential care facilities, including personal care workers, registered nurses, enrolled nurses and allied health.
Eligible Workers Between 3 and 7.5 hours per week More than 7.5 and up to 15 hours per week More than 15 and up to 22.5 hours per week More than 22.5 and up to 30 hours per week More than 30 hours per week
Residential Aged Care $160 $320 $480 $640 $800
Home Care $120 $240 $360 $480 $600