It is with mixed emotions that I am writing to announce my retirement and therefore my resignation as Chief Executive Officer of BlueWave Living, my last working day will be in mid July.

I still intend to remain actively involved in our community, especially in causes that enhance the quality of life for the aged.  I have spent most of my professional career in aged care management, the last 28 years here at BlueWave Living. To have shared that experience with those within the organization and in the community who are committed to improving the quality of life for the frail aged has been an absolute privilege and a pleasure.

The autonomy of a stand alone aged care facility provides great opportunities to get things done, especially with a team who are not afraid to take on the bigger challenges even if it hasn’t been done before.  The can do attitude is truly admirable and the support exceptional.

The camaraderie and friendships that I have made along the way is something I can’t put a value on.  I have enormous admiration for the work of our staff, the support and guidance of our board and the dedication of our many volunteers. It has been a delight to know so many of our residents, to share in their lives and see the difference we are able to make to their quality of life.

The role of Chief Executive Officer can be challenging yet rewarding, it is also a great honour and one that I will always treasure. We have achieved a great deal as an organization from humble beginnings. There have been many challenges over the years and many more successes.  BlueWave Living has always embraced change and often led the way; as a result we have developed quality systems resulting in achieving outstanding accreditation results. The care and services that are provided to our residents at BlueWave Living is a credit to the whole team.

We started as a 40 bed nursing home 28 years ago and we now have the capacity to provide care and accommodation to 139 residents and the journey is not over.  BlueWave Living will continue to grow, to expand services to our residents and to provide jobs, career growth and expertise in aged care.  We have had three name changes that reflect our transition from a clinical model to a modern aged care home.  Our workforce has grown from 32 to 125 staff. Our financial position ensures viability and stainability to ensure continued success.

I take with me fond memories; I will certainly miss everyone at BlueWave Living, my industry peers and all those who have supported us over so many years.  I will watch with heart felt interest the continuing journey and cheer the many successes still to be achieved.
I thank you all for the wonderful experience and wish you all the best in the future.

Yours sincerely

Jennifer Eddy

CEO, BlueWave Living


A letter from our Chairman, Charles Brock…….

You will now be aware that after 28 years at the helm, our Chief Executive Officer Jennifer Eddy has decided to step down as CEO of BlueWave Living.  I guess it should be no surprise that Jennifer would be looking to take some time out and retire after all her hard work and significant achievements, however, sadly it is a reality that all good things must come to an end at some point.

After many years of dedicating all of her work time and much of her personal time and attention to the residents and staff at BlueWave Living and more recently The Shores as well, Jennifer has expressed her wish to retire to spend quality time with her family and to travel and have some very well-deserved time relaxing.

We have been blessed to have Jennifer’s very capable hands at the helm during the last 28 plus years, and she leaves us all with a very bright and healthy future that she has been key in creating.  Jennifer’s resignation will take affect from mid July 2017, so you will each have your own opportunity to bid her farewell.

Working alongside Jennifer on the Board for the last 19 years with the last 9 years being the Chairman, has been a great journey during which we have enjoyed many celebrations, achieved many goals and had a lot of fun together with the team, residents, community stakeholders and Board members. Personally, I have also very much appreciated Jennifer’s friendship and dedication to her role.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank Jennifer. We appreciate the extraordinary contribution to this organisation she has made in overseeing and leading its growth from a very small community based aged care facility to the outstanding, high quality establishment we see today.  On behalf of the Board, Management and Staff, Residents, Industry peers and our community we would all like to thank Jennifer and also her husband and family for their support and for sharing Jennifer with us, we have benefited so much from her wholehearted, dedicated and committed leadership.  Jennifer will be sadly missed.

To those of us left behind, rest assured, the Board will be working hard to recruit a suitable CEO with the vision, passion and enthusiasm who will work with us to take the organisation into the future, whilst at the same time maintaining those standards of care for our residents that we all have worked so hard to achieve.

Charles Brock
Chairman, BlueWave Living