Major Project Update BlueWave Living Woy Woy

Here is an update on our major project at BlueWave Living, Woy Woy.

With regards to the tender process for our major works, we received initial tender responses, which we have now shortlisted to two builders and will continue negotiations with those builders over the coming month or two, in order to get to a position where we can award the tender to one successful builder. We anticipate works beginning some time in mid to late August, or early September at this stage.

Stage one works will be approximately a 12 month build program, and most of the works will be occurring externally around ‘The Shores’ building. The only major internal works will occur in our main kitchen, which will be receiving a complete rebuild and much needed extension. This will mean our kitchen team will have to operate out of ‘The Shores’ kitchen as our primary hub, and Palm Sails kitchen as well, during these works.

As stage one works is largely external to ‘The Shores’ building, there will be no access around the sides and to the rear of ‘The Shores’ building for a large portion of the 12 month build. There will be a temporary access to the rear of the site (potentially off both Vidler Ave for access for hospital parking to tennis court and some informal parking in the paddock, and Edward St for construction access). There will be no general parking available around the rear and side of the building, and no vehicular access to the rear of The Shores building.

On completion of Stage One works, we will have the foundations of four ‘households’ within the existing ‘The Shores’ building. Each of these households will each have its own Kitchen, Dining, Living areas and cater for approximately 15 to 16 residents. However as Stage One does not include internal works, there will be future stages that will be required to fully and completely transform these spaces.

Our building program is an exciting next step in the evolution of BlueWave, and over time we will transform the entire site around household model’s in all areas. The significant first step we are undertaking over the next 12 months is the largest component of this change. We are very aware that building and renovating is challenging from an operational perspective at times, however the end result will be a much nicer and supportive environment for all our elders to live in.

Thank you all for your support, and I look forward to delivering a wonderful extended and refurbished environment over stages for all residents to enjoy and live in.

Yours sincerely,
Matt Downie